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Liquidity Protocol for luxury assets, & durable goods; real-time transaction settlement on a distributed ledger. Monitor & authenticate assets on a brand's supply chain.
The problems that BlokTime intends to solve are broad and diverse due to the complexity of the luxury apparel and durable goods markets. Initially we recognize that artists and brands do not have a direct and more efficient marketplace where they can collaborate on any product launch, to add value to an end user's consumer options.
We want to help artists and brands to collaborate directly and more efficiently; the end user will benefit from a larger array of higher quality product options to gain financial incentives and rewards for participating in products offered in any given season driven by consumer demand.
We believe that brands should transparently and fairly reward artists for their contribution to a project; and in doing so we can help a brand capture 2X to 3X additional revenue on resales while allowing users to participate in a growing ecosystem of economic incentives to reward the efforts of its participants using innovation powered by BlokTime SmartContracts on DeFi.
BlokTime is a marketplace for digital assets that are backed by the resale value of Authenticated Luxury Goods, that can be used as collateral to facilitate the settlement of transactions between users on platform.
Brands can launch their own tokens or NFT markets that will let users hold digital versions of physical products that can validate the authenticity of a product using the BlokTime CyberLabel technology discussed in this document.
Solution: A Product Rights Publishing Platform for tokenizing durable goods to launch merchandise in digital defi markets, while guaranteeing the authenticity of the branded intellectual property.
We make web3 and the blockchain easy to use and accessible for the authentication of physical assets and durable goods:
We help brands leverage Web3 to expand physical product revenue beyond the single point of sale.
We intend to go beyond the simple authentication of a user to obtain an NFT to track data securely. We are pushing the boundaries of what NFT integration into product lines can be with both the product design and the NFT's utility in combining all stakeholders involved in the supply-chain.
  • Brand as a Trustee Journey
  • Manufacturer & Supplier as a Provider
  • Retailer as a Custodian Journey
  • Validator as an Authenticator
  • Reseller as a Merchandiser
  • Artist as a Creator
  • End User
BlokTime is a market maker for asset backed liquidity pools that enable the potential for value stores of durable goods to appreciate rapidly and dramatically. Merchandise is now treated as art or a collectible, with a resale value above and beyond its initial sale price.
A brand can participate in additional downstream resale revenue opportunities with an ecosystem of Certified Resellers who work with brand Custodians to safeguard the Authenticity of the brand's supply chain.
By making a market for durable assets on the blockchain, we can let small investors participate in a new economy for second hand products that are backed by liquidity pools which facilitate the settlement of payment for the transfer of authenticated goods and services between buyers and sellers.
Synthetic assets derived from durable products including art and music, are a new class of value that we tokenized into a non fungible market to leverage DeFi technologies.
The protocol pioneers a capital-efficient manner to issue and exchange fiat currency derivatives backed by physcial merchandise and durable goods, on multiple EVM-compatible networks.
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